‚ÄčWho are we?

Turfology Lawn Treatments is a family-owned turf management company serving Oxford, Anniston, and the surrounding areas of Alabama. After discovering the potential dangers of lawn chemicals, we became dissatisfied with the local turf management options. Concerned about our 3 small children playing on the lawn, we began to look for a better solution to maintaining a beautiful lawn through fertilization and weed control. We eventually discovered the BeeSafe Organics network and became partners. BeeSafe is the nation's leader in developing proprietary organic products and programs.  Even though we are licensed to provide traditional chemical lawn programs, and do when appropriate, we strive to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals. Turfology accomplishes this reduction by correcting the soil biology with organic treatments. A quick example of the difference this can make is in root depth. When only chemically treated, a lawn will have roots around 4 inches deep. A bio-balanced lawn will have roots a few feet deep. This means the lawn will stay green and healthy with much less watering, even through droughts, because the roots are still reaching moisture. 

We would love to help you achieve a safe and beautiful lawn. Give us a call. There will be no pushy sales tactics. We will simply give you the information to make an informed decision, along with a very reasonable price.